Closing Ceremony of UNIVENTURE II: five winning projects amassing 33000 TND worth of prizes!
A new innovation cluster is being created to promote the biotechnology sector in Tunisia. Read more.
Carthage Business Angles: pitching to investors... the moment of truth.
AFS2014 Early Stage Investing.... a very useful guide is now available
Recognizing its impact, UniVenture was awarded the 1st Prize of the "Doha Prize for Economic Innovation" at the Doha Forum, May 12 - 14
JPO 2014: How to identify innovation opportunities through the value chain analysis
Mr. Mondher Khanfir at the conference organized on April 14th at the Biotechnologies Research Center of Sfax (CBS) about Technologies Transfer in Biotech Industry in Tunisia.


Towards an innovation-based economy

Ten Tunisian institutions from the health care sector, the R&D and entrepreneurial sphere have just announced uniting their strengths to create a shared platform enabling the rise of Biotechnologies in Tunisia.

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UNIVENTURE promotes new approaches for Technologies Transfer in Biotech industry in Tunisia!



Technological transfer and Intellectual property, was the theme of the conference organized on April 14th at the Biotechnologies Research Center of Sfax (CBS).

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Carthage Business Angels is the first Tunisian association to bring entrepreneurship and early investment enthusiasts together.

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Organized by CBA, the Alternative Finance Seminar is an annual conference that deals with the various issues of early stage funding for startups in Tunisia.

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The first RBSO (Reasearch-Based Spin-Off) generator program in Tunisia, UniVenture is an annual nationwide contest that helps turn academic works into promising businesses.  

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CAPITALease is a Seed Fund that was launched by Wiki Start Up with the purpose of helping early stage entrepreneurs get their innovative startups off the ground.  


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